6M Model

Please see the updated 6M Model here.


We design our programs around six key focus areas vital to every aspiring or established entrepreneur: Mindset, Markets, Money, Management, Mentorship and Measurement. As captured in WDI’s 6M Entrepreneurship Development Model, this comprehensive approach equips participants with the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to start or scale their businesses.



The 6M model starts with this “M” as our experience shows that those who launch a new business with openness, creativity, empathy, and resilience are best able to overcome the inevitable hurdles and persevere on their journey.


Every business must understand their markets in detail: This “M” focuses on ways to develop and market high value-added goods and services.


New businesses need money to get started and to grow. This “M” covers accounting and finance, including ways to fund a business


Businesses need to ensure their employees are working together towards a common goal. This “M” covers leadership, team dynamics, motivation, and HR strategy.


Entrepreneurs succeed faster when they have mentors who can provide one-on-one counseling. This “M” focuses on a structured mentorship programs that targets both mentor and mentee and engenders a successful partnership between the two.


With simple and strategic tools, entrepreneurs can measure their performance and develop systems for improvement, helping teams adapt to challenges in real time.


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