The global health community has set ambitious goals: whether it is about eliminating malaria, having an AIDS-free generation, maximizing vaccine coverage, or securing access to reproductive health supplies, a holistic approach is needed to solve these problems.

WDI’s Healthcare Initiative works across the healthcare value chain to enable well-functioning markets, strengthen supply chain systems, and improve healthcare delivery.

We bring our knowledge, our resources, and our business acumen to the table in order to bring better health to those in need.

For more information about our Healthcare Initiative, please email Healthcare Market Dynamics, Healthcare Supply Chain, or Healthcare Delivery.

Market Dynamics

Healthy and well-functioning global supply markets for drugs, vaccines and other health products are key to achieving positive and efficient public health outcomes. A lack of accurate demand forecasts, too few suppliers, limited production capacity, and antiquated procurement mechanisms often create market inefficiencies for global health products. This results in higher prices, supply shortages or the provision of poor quality products.

Our approach is to generate knowledge that informs evidence-based policy through the following mechanisms:

  • Understanding key levers (e.g. better forecasts, economies of scale, higher competition) to lower prices and increase availability of drugs, diagnostics and preventative health technologies
  • Identifying mechanisms to catalyze the market through increased adoption and uptake of new drugs, diagnostics and preventative health technologies
  • Influencing price and availability through better procurement and contracting structures
  • Designing better downstream supply chains to increase efficiency of upstream markets
  • Developing more accurate and robust forecasting models for the global demand for healthcare products
  • Applying modeling to support efforts such as determining optimal treatment regimens

Supply Chains

The healthcare products that can prevent and treat many of the world’s biggest threats will only have an impact when they can reliably reach the patients who need them.

Our work is focused on shaping the global discussion on the future of healthcare supply chains in emerging markets.

In many countries, the public sector serves an important role in providing access to healthcare products. However, patients are increasingly turning to the private sector for their healthcare needs. Therefore, it is important to ensure the availability and affordability of high-quality healthcare products in both the private sector and the public sector.

Our goal is to catalyze the transformation of emerging market supply chains by:

  • Building a market for innovative private sector solutions to deliver to the last mile
  • Attracting private sector supply chain professionals to apply new thinking to global health challenges
  • Identifying opportunities to improve supply chain processes
  • Promoting the smart use of technology to simplify systems and increase data visibility
  • Utilizing investment and financing mechanisms to fill infrastructure and system gaps that prevent highly effective supply chains

Service Delivery

Healthcare delivery focuses on the link between providers and patients. Improving these services requires a deep understanding of the patients, the field clinicians, the healthcare service providers and the available resources. WDI’s Healthcare Initiative helps to develop business models that encourage patients to find the best available options – while improving the available options – in a financially sustainable way.

Our work supports healthcare delivery by:

  • Improving interactions between clinics, hospitals and village health workers.
  • Developing human resource management processes and procedures
  • Implementing an inventory management system
  • Analyzing governance options
  • Developing financial tracking tools

Partnership Models

The Healthcare Initiative offers a unique and diverse skill set in working with the private sector and policy makers through both initiative-directed work as well as cross-organizational collaboration.

Research Opportunities

We develop and implement new healthcare research in different global settings on an ongoing basis. Research projects range from short-term analysis to long-term partnerships.  While the scope of each project varies, our initiative has the capacity to conduct comprehensive strategic assessments, build analytical and simulation models, develop research designs and survey instrumentation, coordinate data collection, and implement data analysis plans.

Policy Advising

Through active research and dialogue, we advise policymakers and implementers on creating scalable and sustainable models for healthcare supply chains. The initiative’s unique organizational structure helps stimulate stakeholder discussions around new solutions to the many problems affecting global healthcare delivery.

Education and Training

The Healthcare Initiative shares knowledge and best practices with practitioners, managers and thought leaders in emerging markets through cross-institutional collaboration with WDI’s Education Initiative, WDI Publishing, and NextBillion. Education and training programs feature the latest research and analysis from within the initiative’s areas of expertise while also incorporating local examples and case studies.

Student Opportunities

WDI is closely affiliated with the University of Michigan and works directly with both the staff and faculty within the various schools, departments and research centers across campus as well as directly with the university’s student population.  The Healthcare Initiative engages with students through Multidisciplinary Action Projects (MAP) at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business and through WDI’s Global Impact Summer Internship Program.


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