Entrepreneurship Development Center

Entrepreneurial education and knowledge drives robust growth in emerging economies. Since 1992, WDI has been helping entrepreneurs in emerging markets successfully grow their businesses.  That’s why we have created our own Entrepreneurship Development Center.

William Davidson said his vision for the Institute was to “forge a path for those responsible for economic change in these emerging markets – that it will give them the knowledge, the methods, and the blueprints for a successful transition to a market economy.” In our work, we endeavor to apply Davidson’s vision through developing entrepreneurs in emerging economies.

Check out our EDC Capability Statement for more information and ways to collaborate.


People: WDI works with world class faculty affiliates, all with global teaching experience in the area of entrepreneurship.


Partners: We have built and maintained trusted partnerships with local universities and organizations around the world.


Processes: From our field-tested pedagogical tools, to our grants management and monitoring & evaluation practices, to our drive for continuous improvement, our processes keep our work at a rigorous quality standard.


Academic: We are located at the University of Michigan and make use of its world-class resources.


Services:  We have developed and are recognized for quality delivery of a variety of services – in training, train-the-trainer, and consulting activities.


Agility: Our small size and flexible approach allows us to customize new projects to partners’ needs and contexts.

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