London’s BoP Book Wins Research Award

Monday, January 29, 2018

WDI Senior Research Fellow Ted London has won the 2017 Inaugural IACMR Presidential Award for Responsible Research for his book, “The Base of the Pyramid Promise: Building Businesses with Impact and Scale.” The award was co-sponsored by the International Association for Chinese Management Research and the Community for Responsible Research in Management.

The new award recognizes high-quality research that addresses critical issues in business and society. It is through this research, the award committee said, that business schools can contribute credible knowledge that will enable business and management practices to become a force for good and make the world a better place for all.

Ted London

London’s book, published in 2016, had the specific goal of equipping enterprise leaders and their partners with tools, frameworks, and actionable strategies to build sustainable and scalable enterprises focused on the world’s poorest citizens. Along with his appointment at WDI, London also is a professor of business administration at the Ross School of Business.

“I’m extremely honored to have my book win this award,” London said. “It is especially gratifying that the award recognizes high quality, evidence-based research that seeks to impact and transform business through actionable management practices.”

On Jan. 31, London will talk about his research and book as the featured speaker at the President’s Performing Arts & Lecture Series at Oral Roberts University (ORU) in Tulsa, OK. ORU President William M. Wilson said London’s lecture will “offer a unique approach to helping the world’s poorest citizens.”

“Helping the poor is an important Biblical mandate and a focus for many students who traveled with ORU mission teams and those in the University’s College of Business,” Wilson said.

London said he is looking forward to the talk.

“I am excited to have the opportunity to share how our research on how engaging the base of the pyramid can both inspire and empower future business leaders to tackle some of the world’s grand challenges,” he said.

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